Columbia County Emergency Management

The Columbia County Emergency Operations Center is located at 263 NW Lake City Ave. 

911 Addressing/GIS, Emergency Management and the 911 Dispatch Center are all housed in this building. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays). The Phone number is (386) 758 - 1125.




Assistance Isn't Always Around the Corner 

by Shayne Morgan, F.P.E.M. Columbia County Emergency Management Director and Casey Schmelz, Emergency Services Manager, North Central Florida American Red Cross
Hurricane season begins on June 1st, and will run through November 30th . With that being said it has already been an active year for Columbia County. There were wind events to start off the year, on top of the fact that our community is still recovering from the effects that were felt when Tropical Storm Debby hit our county last June. And there was even seasonal flooding along the rivers that was thrown into the mix. There's no question that Columbia County seems like it is being targeted by Mother Nature when it comes to weather... read more
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